Welcome to Exeter Consulting Forum !

What Does the Forum Do?

Exeter Consulting Forum (ECF) matches individual skills and team abilities with organisational needs.

ECF is a facilitation service which brings people and organisations together. ECF is not a recruitment agency.

If you have a struggling business then ECF members may be able to help either by way of consultancy advice, which may be free initially, or by taking a stake in the business if you are looking for partners or investors.

Communicating with the Forum

If you are interested in approaching any members of the Forum that must be done via any public contact details provided by the Members for that purpose on this site or via the Facebook or Meetup pages.

Please note that it is not permitted to market or sell services or products to Members of the Forum by sending electronic messages (except on request). A plain description of services and goods offered by way of an introduction to the person and the person's business does not, however, constitute marketing or selling.