Why Did We Create the Forum?

In an increasingly complex world the creativity and innovation stemming from applying a greater diversity of skills, experience and ideas, and a more fluid approach to building high performing teams, can be a superior working approach. It can provide the cutting edge in terms of competitive advantage.

What Does the Forum Do?

Exeter Consulting Forum matches individual skills and team abilities with organisational needs.

ECF is a facilitation service which brings people and organisations together. ECF is not a recruitment agency.

How Does the Forum Work ?

Any consultant, business or other organisation can attend or become involved in the Forum.

No marketing or selling is permitted at Forum meetings except on request. The Forum provides a no pressure environment to encourage open dialogue and cooperation. A plain description of services and goods offered does not, however, constitute marketing or selling.

If requested to provide consultancy services, consultants commit to deliver services as far as is possible, on a performance basis.

Clients are free to form contracts with ECF members directly without any involvement from the ECF. If an ECF member wishes to use the ECF name as a reference it will be necessary to form a separate contract with the ECF and to use ECF methodologies and documentation in order to fulfill the contract with the client.

Communicating with the Forum

If you are interested in approaching any members of the Forum that must be done via any public contact details provided by the Members for that purpose on this site or via the Facebook or Meetup pages.

Please note that any person who attempts to market or sell services or products to Members of the Forum by sending messages (except on request) via the Facebook or the Meetup pages will be ejected. A plain description of services and goods offered by way of an introduction to the person and the person's business does not, however, constitute marketing or selling.

More Information

In addition to the information on this website further details about the Forum can be obtained here:

ECF Facebook Page



You can also contact us on tel: 01392 829896